Change Leadership

Change is a fundamental part of leadership. Leaders must anticipate forces that will cause changes, identify opportunities that will require changes if the opportunity is to be taken, react to unforeseen events that make changes imperative, and work with others to overcome the predictable reactions to change which usually include some degree of resistance. Sometimes leaders must also be conservators of values and institutions that come under attack. Knowing when to make a change or when to preserve the status quo is a vital leadership ability.

Leaders must change themselves as they move along a path of professional growth and development. Understanding how to lead change initiatives by assisting others to drive the desired change in response to new challenges are also important leadership skills. But although nearly everyone says they want change, very few are willing to step out to make change happen. 

Change management is a cyclical process—it’s constant and requires agility. There is no more important single skill that is critical for success than the skill of leading change. As someone who is implementing or leading a change effort, gaining buy-in from their team and meeting the expectations of senior leaders is a critical factor. But how do you drive the change process while managing uncertainty and maintaining productivity?

ProCoTraining offers a Change Management workshop that will provide you with a proven model for managing change.  Through a guided workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to work directly with others, who are experiencing similar challenges, to come up with practical solutions they can implement immediately. Each person will be guided through a change strategy applying a proven change model to any change scenario.

Many change initiatives fail because the leader ineffectively implements and manages the change process. The successful change process requires, knowledge, tools, and practical skills to be successful. A Change Management session will provide participants with all the needed information to manage a strategic change initiative.  After attending, they will have the confidence to navigate the change process, mobilize a team to embrace the change initiative, and improve their success rate.

Leading change is the significant competency of the leadership process. It is what leaders do! It is not enough to identify issues, develop potential solutions, and allocate the necessary resources. In order to gain real improvement in organizations, communities and/or society as a whole, a leader must learn:

· how to initiate and plan for change, 

· how to communicate the need for change, 

· how to make a change appealing to gain support from others,

· and how to consolidate the results so that the changes endure

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Leaders or Executives
  • Board Members
  • HR/Organization Development Professionals
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Trainers