Mentoring Program

A Mentor Program supports the Leadership Development Process by providing focused developmental opportunities to high potential employees who have displayed both the ambition and assessed potential to lead.  The individuals selected for this program, the protégés, are identified as most currently ready for promotion to senior leadership levels, aspire to roles in general management, and exhibit exceptional competence in requisite leadership skills. 

The heart of a Mentor Program resides in the leadership and guidance of the senior managers who serve as mentors.  A Mentor Program draws its mentors from a pool of seasoned successful leaders.  These mentor-managers are responsible for guiding the development of selected protégés, and, to that end, serve as teachers, coaches, advocates, and confidants. 

A Mentor Program matches qualified mentors and protégés to participate in a guided-development process that will include formal activities such as mentor orientation and training, a kick-off event, and midway and final evaluations.  

This resource guide is designed to provide information and assistance to both mentors and protégés, and to facilitate productive and successful mentor/protégé relationships in any organization.


The objectives of a Mentor Program are:

  • to assist talented and motivated people develop to their maximum potential,
  • to provide custom leadership development through feedback, guidance and coaching,
  • to increase bench strength of potential candidates for senior leadership roles,
  • to track the career progress   of high performing individuals and ensure they are considered as candidates for future opportunities,
  • to enhance and supplement the talent pool process by encouraging dynamic contact between senior managers   and other high-performing managers,
  • to introduce mentoring as a necessary part of   leadership development 
  • to enhance the mentor’s career and development through   association with high-performing managers